Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2007 WSOP Champion is Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang
Photo courtesy of Pokerlistings. Photographed by Jesse Clark at Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

Temecula, CA Resident Wins World Series OF Poker Main Event

LAS VEGAS, July 18, 2007 - Twelve days ago 6,350 players bought in for $10,000 with the dream of becoming this years WSOP champion. Early this morning that dream came true for Jerry Yang when he captured the championshiop bracelet and the first place prize of $8.25 million.

The 39-year-old psychologist and father of six started the final day with a short stack of 8.45 million, however he quickly became the dominant force. Yang played aggressively winning five out of the first nine hands and became the chipleader on hand #14 when his all-in bet on the turn drove Philip Hilm off the pot. Jerry's stack had grown to 25.04 million after the hand giving him the chip lead, which he never relinquished.

Yang has stated he will give 10% of his winnings to charity (Make-A-Wish Foundation, Feed the Children and the Ronald McDonald House).

Final Table Results

  1. Jerry Yang $ 8,250,000

  2. Tuan Lam $ 4,840,981

  3. Raymond Rahme $ 3,048,025

  4. Alex Kravchenko $ 1,852,721

  5. Jon Kalmar $ 1,255,069

  6. Hevad Khan $ 956,243

  7. Lee Childs $ 705,229

  8. Lee Watkinson $ 585,699

  9. Philip Hilm $ 525,934

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bomb Scare Evacuation

Police Evacuate Entire Hotel In The Middle Of The Night

Las Vegas, July 3, 2007 – I was awakened early this morning by a loud knocking on my hotel room door. I inquired, "Who is it?" as I checked the peephole. The answer woke me from my slumbered state. "Las Vegas Police Department, we're evacuating the building!"

"Yeah right," I thought to myself. This is either one of my buddies idea of a practically joke or someone is trying to get me to open the door so they can rob me. Of course there's always the outside chance that Ashton Krutcher has tracked me down and I'm about to be Punk'd.

Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that this was the real deal. As I was establishing whether the officer was whom he said he was I could hear several other officers, in the hallway, knocking loudly on all the other doors simultaneously. I was instructed to make myself decent, grab my hotel key and evacuate to a specific area outside on the street. I ask if I should take any of my valuables and how long I would be out of my room. He said I needed to get dressed quickly and leave the room, there was no time for anything else. The officer waited while I quickly slid on some shorts, put on shoes, grabbed my keys and wallet, picked up my cell phone then hustled out the door as instructed.

The scene outside...

Guests at the hotel included celebs and some top poker players...

To Be continued after I return home from work today.........

Tips For Forced Evacuation

  • Take your cash and wallet

  • Take your cell phone

  • Get dressed. Make sure you put on shoes and put on a jacket if it's cold outside

  • Grab your camera. You will want pictures for your blog.

  • You might want to take your laptop. It might come in handy to pass the time and you'll need if to stay "connected" if you are forced to relocate to another hotel for an extended period.