Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego Fires 2007

San Diego Fires
Photo courtesy of FireGeezer.com

California, October 23, 2007 – I have so many friends and loved ones who live in the San Diego area. My heart goes out to them and to anyone who has loved ones in the area. I have tried to contact as many as I can, but with the power outages, evacuations and limited cell service, it has been difficult at times.

While the news channels are doing the best job they can, it seems as if there are more fires than they can cover. Additionally, depending on where you live the network news coverage varies. While searching for updates and information I have found numerous links that have been very informative. I will list more as I find them.

SignOnSandiego.com has created a blog (Wildfires 2007) and forum specifically for breaking news regarding the fires which is very informative. The forum threads are for the various effected areas and can be very useful.
KPBS has a link with real-time updates that is updated quite often.
The San Diego CBS affiliate channel 8 has a list of shelters and which ones still have capacity, detailed evacuation information, a list with addresses of homes that have been destroyed, and info on traffic conditions and road closures.

Volunteer / Donation Information:

The Red Cross has a Disaster Relief Fund that is made possible by voluntary donations of time and money. You can financially donate securely online or by calling 1-800-RED CROSS. To volunteer, visit your local Red Cross chapter.
The San Diego Blood Bank has asked for donations. To give blood please visit their website for the latest info on where to give blood.
The Salvation Army is taking volunteers and donations call 1-866-I'LL HELP or visit their website.
Volunteer San Diego will post and distribute volunteer opportunities related to the fires as they become available.
Riverside County Volunteer Firefighters Association


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