Thursday, June 19, 2008

2008 World Series of Poker

The 39th annual WSOP is underway and I am BUSY

LAS VEGAS, CA June 19, 2008 – The World Series of Poker has been underway for several weeks now. I keep thinking I'm going to post some blog entries about the happenings and share some behind the scene stories with you all, but quite frankly I don't have much free time this year. It's been a non-stop whirlwind (it is every year). For my friends and family members who have never been to this ginormous event (Charlie's favorite descriptive word of the Series) it's hard to explain. It's two months of non-stop all day hype and excitement leading up poker's most prestigious annual spectacle, the Main Event at the World Series of Poker. I recently read a blog post from one of the media that I thought was quite descriptive. He are some excerpts:

"...the hours are messed up and one day tends to bleed into another...You know that in a week's time words like Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will cease to matter; only Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. You know that 2 a.m. will, at some point start to feel like 2 p.m., that meals will happen whenever there is time... Your new home is a room the size of an airplane hangar cooled to the temperature of a refrigerator and you'll spend over 500 hours (there)."

You can find her post titled "Desert Calling" in it's entirety on her blog Pot Committed.

So far, at this years WSOP, the Professional Poker Players are doing quite well winning 79% of the gold bracelets (through Event #33). I get lots of emails and phone calls asking about who is doing well and who is the chip leader on this day etc. So I tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going try to compile a list of resources you can check for chip updates, articles andc photos (If you know any links you'd like me to include just contact me). I will add to this list as I discover sources of additional info, so check back to this post regularly.

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